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Yumeko Suzukiri (すずきり ゆめ, Suzukiri Yumeko?) is one of the main characters of the Ranger Reject Series. She held the rank of Junior First Class in the Yellow Battalion, but since saving her clones from under the Invader Rights Association headquarters she has been hiding out in a cave.[2] As a member of the Suzukiri clan and the last Dragon Priestess, she holds an animosity towards the Dragon Keepers. She partnered up with D to gather the Keepers' Divine Tools and plot their demise, and is currently in posession of Blue Dragon Leviathan and Red Dragon Salamandra.


She has blonde hair that falls to her shoulders, and is tied into a bow shape at the back of her head. She wears the standard uniform of the Yellow Battalion, and her eyes are notable for being completely dark, which sets her apart from other characters who have more "normal" pupils.

Yumeko Suzukiri Manga Colour Scheme
Yumeko's colour scheme in the manga
Yumeko Suzukiri Anime
Yumeko's concept art from the anime
Yumeko Suzukiri Anime Portrait
Concept art of Yumeko's face
Yumeko Suzukiri Anime Side Portrait
Concept art of Yumeko's face in profile


She has shown to be cold and sometimes apathetic. She is noted as being someone who easily makes enemies, likely due to her aloof and at times socially abrasive demeanor. There are times however, where she shows a softer and more caring side, usually in relation to Sentōin D.


Hibiki Sakurama[]

As they are partners they presumably have a decent relationship however it is doubtful that they are close as Sakurama calls Suzukiri by her last name.

Sentōin D[]

Suzukiri is his supporter and gives him info about the rangers to give him the advantage. Her motives as to why she does this are a mystery at best and for the most part dubious in nature. She does seem to genuinely care for Sentōin D (she was relieved, and even very happy to learn of his survival), whatever her other ulterior motives may be.

Yellow Keeper[]

Yellow Keeper seemingly doesn't care about Suzukiri's antics.

Jin Himura[]

Suzukiri "had a good feeling about him".[3]

Sōsei Akabane[]



She is shown be quite strong as she is the Yellow Battalion's Junior First Class, and has effortlessly killed Sentōin D multiple times.


  • Part of Yumeko's name means Tin (すず, Suzu?) which is a yellowish metal.
  • Her completely jet black eyes are usually seen in anime/mangas as indicative of trauma.


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